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I have been in the tree care business for 41 years in western Sonoma County, where I was born and raised. My surname is Russian; "Sukov" translates as branch, and "Sukovitzen" refers to the point where the branch and the tree connect.

I pride myself on the use of environmentally sound forestry practices and participate in frequent seminars to keep my expertise current, especially now with regard to Sudden Oak Death and fire safety. The dominant themes in my business are client education, protection of the riparian zone, prevention of construction trauma to trees and alternatives to tree removal. I work with my clients to find a happy balance between the human need for sunlight, safety and privacy and the trees’ and shrubs’ need for a healthy environment.

DSDarrell Sukovitzen, "The Tree Climber"

Prior to any tree work, we discuss objectives and methods, and only when we have reviewed the short- and long-term effects of the work do we begin. When possible and appropriate, we implement reforestation in urbanized areas, with reintroduction of native timberlands when and where possible.

I am a licensed California contractor (CCL #909691), insured, bonded and covered by Workers’  Compensation and Errors and Omissions Insurance. In the past I was a contract faller with CalFire during fire season. I have many years of experience in civic, arboricultural and environmental organizations, and in 2000 was the Western Sonoma County Rural Alliance's Environmentalist of the Year.

My commitment to public education often compels me to “get involved.” For example, construction trauma became a major issue in the Russian River region several years ago
when a significant number of trees suffered severe shock within 3—5 years of construction work done near them. In response, I produced a presentation to educate the agencies involved in giving permits, as well as the public in general, about pre-, during and post-construction conditions that have an effect on trees. When requested by the Sonoma County Public Works Department, my presentation to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors resulted in a county ordinance regarding construction standards. It was also used by several homeowners’ associations and officials at the California Department of Parks and Recreation.

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